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Dovetailing Logs - And Why


Dovetails For Logs - And Why

  When we build a log cabin there are many decisions to make. Let's concentrate on corner details of your log home and specifically dovetails. Why dovetails? Dovetails are attractive, dovetails are arguably the strongest corner detail and properly cut can be self-draining. A full dovetail is a craftsman type joint. A compound angle so that any moisture will run off down hill keeping the log cabin dry and snug.

  How do we start. First we have to determine the size of our logs or timbers. Dovetails can be used with different sized logs or timbers but same sized is what we will start with. Lets assume an 8" tall stack height. Stack height meaning when stacked on top of one another how much vertical is there per run or row. So now we want to lay out our dovetails, angles, and such so that the corner will look balanced and attractive, help lock in or self-tighten to each other for structural, and self-drain so the elements stay out.

   Now we have an 8" stack height, let's go with a 8" thickness.