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"Properly monitored logging, sawing, and milling practices will allow us to build log & rustic homes forever"

1) Well maintained log homes creates a small maintenance economy - staining/painting, water diversion/erosion [guttering, landscaping, etc.], insect control, etc.

2) Properly constructed log cabins can be more thermal than standard dimensional frame constructed homes.

3) Lower environmental impact than a standard frame, steel, concrete, or manufactured home.

4) Let's take a look at logs, timbers, stone, stain, rough sawn lumber and timbers, shakes, and more. Let's compare to the look of dimensional brick, vinyl siding, plastic decking, sheetrock, fake cut stucco, and more. Really? Is there a Comparison? Well?



 Types Of Logs For Log Homes 


 Dovetails For Logs


Log Cabin Staining - Exterior 

New Log Home/New Construction/New Wood Products


Log Cabin Staining - Exterior Surfaces - Existing Stain 

Existing Log Home, Wood Siding, Timbers, Beams, Etc.


 Exterior Stains - Water Base vs Oil Base


Picture Gallery - Residential Logs, Stairs, Views, Rails, Homes, And More


Picture Gallery - Commercial

Trusses, Rails, Bars, Tables, Ceiling Panels, Etc.















"There are billions of people on this planet, unfortunately not everyone can have their own log cabin in the woods, or on the water, or in the mountains. If we could make this happen, the calming of nature, the warmth of a fire, the love of family and friends, sounds of birds, water, wind. Laughter, shouts, crying, barking. Fishing, hunting, hiking, relaxing. Porch swings, bonfires, cooking, and eating. Hmm, I still hope, dream, and pray. JB"