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Perma-Chink Log Chinking 11 oz tubes (12)

Perma-Chink is "The" flexible, textured chinking that seals open gaps between logs to significantly eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though this chinking looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches (to accomodate movement) to maintain a tight seal and great look. The most widely used chinking product in the world, Perma Chink Systems is the authority in Log Home Chinking.


Q & A

Question - Asked by Jamie - "Which size chinking is the easiest to use?"

Answer - WW - Our reply starts with a question or two. What size project are we referring to? What kind of experience do you have in the log home chinking arena? So, here goes, with a complete house to do a professional will almost always buy and use the 5 gallon buckets, follow plate, and some sort of professional gun. A partial home with quite a bit of footage would lean toward the 30 ounce tubes and an excellent caulk gun, while just doing maintenance might lean toward the 12 ounce tubes and an excellent caulk gun. Either way you can't go wrong with an excellent chinking product by Perma-Chink. Thanks for your time. Wildwood Log Homes