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Lifeline Ultra 7 - 1 Gal (More Info)

The most durable in the Perma-Chink line of stain products. This product was tested in extreme cold, heat, and moisture conditions and what came about was a state of the art resin, UV protection to match or surpass most any on the market, a breathable film, mildew resistant, we could go on and on. Put a coat of advanced topcoat (satin or gloss) on top of Ultra-7 and you can have an eco-friendly, #1 quality, warranty backed stain project.


Q & A

Question - Asked by Jeff - "What's the best way to figure out how much stain I need?"

Answer - WW - Tough one. With different wood finishes it is always hard. Most stain companies base their calculations on a smooth finished product, so always add when figuring how much. Believe it or not sometimes ordering in 5 gallon increments can be cheaper because of the cost of 1 gallon containers. Give us a call, we're pretty good at it, have your log cabin measurements and we'll get you close. Thanks and don't forget to use a quality log cabin stain. Wildwood Log Homes