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Perma-Chink Log Chinking 5 Gallon

Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured chinking that seals open gaps between logs to significantly eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though this chinking looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches (to accomodate movement) to maintain a tight seal and great look. The most widely used chinking product in the world, Perma Chink Systems is the authority in Log Home Chinking.


Q & A

Question - Asked by Randy - "Why chinking? Why not just plain caulk?"

Answer - WW - Excellent, now you're thinking. Most people think of chinking in a mortar/straw and mud type material. The truth is years ago these products dried, cracked, fell out, and so on. Air infiltration was a major problem. Today, with pure acrylic chinking, you have the best of both worlds. A great chinking with texture (like Perma-Chink) lets you have the great look of a traditional log cabin with the flexibility, longevity, and weather sealant properties that was sorely needed in the past. Caulking has also come a long way but most caulking has a smooth finish and will not produce the original look, and also some caulks do not have or can they maintain the flex needed. Hope this helps, call us with any help you may need. Thanks, Wildwood Log Homes