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Energy Seal Caulk 5 gallon (More Info, Q&A)

Originally designed for the log cabin caulk industry, this caulk has become a "standard" in the stained wood industry. Textured to match the visual characteristics of wood, this UV-stable and chemical resistant caulk will stand up to the test. MADE IN THE USA

Q & A

Question - Asked by Brad - "How much caulk do I need?"

Answer - WW - We are asked this frequently and always reply with questions of our own. How big on average is the caulk joint, thickness by height? How many joints of this size are there? Is this a log home, siding, rough sawn? Is this joint going to need a backer ( backer rod, grip strip, tape, etc. )? The answer to these will give you a place to start, give us a call and we will certainly help. Thanks, Wildwood